Why publish Uthala Ads in the Newspaper ?

Uthala or Rasam Pagri is a social ceremony, prevalent in Punjab and Rajasthanis in the Indian subcontinent. The ceremony is conducted upon the death of the eldest male member in a family, in which the eldest surviving male member of the family ties a turban on his head in the presence of the extended family or clan. According to the Hindu traditions, the ceremony is usually performed by the father of the wife of the eldest, surviving male member.The ceremony usually takes place on the fourth day from the day of funeral rites (Antim Sanskar, also known as Uthala), or on the thirteenth day.

What documents are needed ?

A scanned copy of Death Certificate or Doctor's Certificate or Cremation Document is required as a supporting document to place the ad.

What is a recommended Ad format to follow ?

Sample ads for Uthala/ Rasam Pagri are as follows : 1. With profound grief and sorrowm we regret to inform the sad demise of our beloved brother {deceased name}, s/o {father's name} , r/o {adress}. Uthala/ Rasam Pagri will be performed on {date} from {time} at {address}. Grief Striken - {family members}, contact {contact details} , 2. With profound grief and sorrowm we regret to inform the sad demise of our beloved father {deceased name}, s/o {father's name} , r/o {adress}. Uthala / Rasam Pagri will be performed on {date} from {time} at {Venue}.{family members name}, contact {contact details}

Any Ad composing tips ?

1. Check whether the deceased details in the ad text are correctly entered, name, date of death, time. 2. Ensure to mention ceremony details (address and times) if required. 3. Share the contact details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process of booking obituary ads in Deccan chronicle is quite simple. You just have to keep the documents ready for booking obituary ad in Deccan Chronicle.  The documents can either be a doctor’s note or   a death certificate.

For booking obituary ad in Deccan Chronicle, follow the steps given below:

•    Select Ad Type, Newspaper & Location: Select the ad format- Classified Text or Classified Display Ad as per your requirement. Choose Deccan Chronicle edition and category ‘obituary’.

•    Compose Ad: Compose your Ad with the help of the given sample or you can use the pre-designed templates for classified display ads.

•    Select Date & Make Payment: Select the release date/s and review the booking details.  Once you finalise that proceed to make payment by any online/offline modes to confirm your booking.
For any other assistance regarding the deccan chronicle obituary ad booking process, you can call us at 09830629298 or drop us a mail at book@releasemyad.com.

Thanks for writing us! Well, for booking obituary ads in Deccan Chronicle you need to submit documents to the publication houses for the verification purposes. The document can be a death certificate or a doctor’s note. While booking the obituary ad through our website, you need to upload the document on our website for getting the ad published on the newspaper.  If you need any other information, feel free to call us at 09830629298 or you can write us at book@releasemyad.com.

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