The customer wants to know details about the Deccan Chronicle Recruitment Special All Andhra Pradesh package.

Please explain-Deccan Chronicle Recruitment Special (All Andhra Pradesh Locations) and how to book an ad under this package


The Deccan Chronicle Recruitment Special package is an excellent choice if you are targeting professionals located across the whole of Andhra Pradesh. Your ad will be released subsequently in all Andhra editions of Deccan Chronicle when you go ahead with this package.

In order to avail this package, first visit our Deccan Chronicle Recruitment Ad Booking Page & follow the steps below:

Once there choose your ad type based on the samples provided and select Deccan Chronicle as your newspaper to get the package on the right of your screen.

Select the package and proceed to compose ad section where you can create the advertisement using multiple reference ad material and customizable templates.

Finally select the release dates and preview your ad invoice. If convinced finish the booking by choosing an online or offline payment medium.

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