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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Anantapur8 K( Copies)Rs. 990 / sqcm
Hyderabad5 L( Copies)Rs. 4480 / sqcm
Karimnagar8 K( Copies)Rs. 990 / sqcm
Kozhikode25 K( Copies)Rs. 550 / sqcm
Nellore4 K( Copies)Rs. 990 / sqcm
Rajahmundy8 K( Copies)Rs. 990 / sqcm
Trivandrum27 K( Copies)Rs. 550 / sqcm
Vijayawada12 K( Copies)Rs. 990 / sqcm
Visakhapatnam30 K( Copies)Rs. 990 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

To book an ad in a Supplementary newspaper of Deccan Chronicles, keeping all your requirements in mind , please visit the following link: You can chosse any pullout of your choice from a range of Deccan Chronicle supplements, select your city as Hyderabad and mention the size of your Display ad (as supplements publish only Display Ads) and get the exact quotation for your advertisement. You can also  book the ad, by logging  onto ReleaseMyAd, select you category and pullout or city and compose an ad with the help of our enhancements and design templates or upload your personally designed newspaper advertisement. You can clear your payments via our online payment options that include Credit Cards/ Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card), Net Banking or Offline mediums such as Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts as well as Cash Collection from Home / Office - NEFT (Online Cash Transfer). 
To book an advertisement in the Career Chronicle, please know that since it is the Recrutiment pullout of Deccan Chronicle you can only publish Display advertisements. There is no section for classified ads in the Pullout pages. Also know that Display ads are big budget ads and are charged on the basis of the size of the ad calculated in per Should you like to book the advert in Career Chronicle, please visit the following link: and review the rates for all the editions as well as the packages for the same.  Select the edition or package to proceed with the composition of your advert on teh Compose Ad page.You can also upload your advertisement designed by expert advertisers in PDF/JPEG/EPS/TIFF format. Please make sure that the release dates are confirmed and the payment is cleared at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release date.
As per your requirement, please take a look at the Display Obituary Ad Rates page for Eenadu and for Deccan Chronicle, visit DC Obituary Display Ad portal. Select a specific newspaper pull out of your choice and then choose the specific location where you want the ad to release. Kindly note that to view the estimated cost for the advertisement; it is necessary that you mention the size and position of the ad in newspaper.  You can proceed with the booking by composing and creating the ad matter online and confirming your ad release dates and payment for the same. 
Welcome to The type of your ad is a Display ad. Please take a look at the Online Booking Tutorial page and follow the slides to learn about the process of booking in detail.  To start with the booking, please visit the Deccan Chronicle Display Booking page and select your choice of newspaper pullout from here. This will provide the list of relevant cities where you can choose to release your ad. Please tick mark on the regions and then in the next step specify the size of your ad and its position in the newspaper. This will display the estimated cost for the same. Proceed to the compose ad section where you can create and compose your ad and finally select your date(s) and payment option by which you’re comfortable to make your payment. Please select both the dates for Sunday and Monday in the displayed calendar. You can also fill in the information in the special release instruction box if you have any other specifications related to your booking. Select the payment option through which you want to make your payment. Payment can be made via online options like Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking or Wire Transfer or by offline methods like Cash Deposit, Cash Transfer, Cash Collection, Demand Draft and Cheque Deposits.   
To review the rates for the appointment & education pullout of Deccan Chronicle, please visit the following link: Please keep in mind that you can only book Display ads in Pullouts such as Career Chronicle. Also remember that Display adverts are charged on the basis of per of area used by the ad.  You can review individual edition rates along with discount packages. After composing your adevrtisement, please ensure that you clear the payments at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates for a timely release of the advert.    

Booking Process

How are Deccan Chronicle Display ads priced?

To Know more about booking Deccan Chronicle Appointment, Tenders, Property, Obituary display and text ads instantly from the following steps:


•  Choose your supplement and advertising location after viewing rates from the panel on the top right corner of the page.

•  Upload your ad material to our database for printing. You can ask us to create one for you if you lack the resources to create one.

•  Finally, choose advertising date and clear payment via a host of online & offline options.